Robust and versatile shredder for processing various wastes and metal scrap


High-speed Vertical Shredder is a unique and vertical type shredder capable of accepting various forms of wastes and scrap, including car bodies, electrical and electronic appliances, furniture, tree trunks and concrete blocks. Employing continuous impact, shearing, compression and friction forces creates uniformly shredded products, which increases efficiency of conveying and separating in the post-process for the ultimate recycling.


Shredding mechanism

Because the massive, high-speed rotating breakers perform the primary shredding operation and the grinders carry out secondary and tertiary shredding, High-speed Vertical Shredder can handle almost any material from soft material such as tatami mat to metal scrap and concrete block. The mechanism of High-speed Vertical Shredder is designed so that shredded force can be applied to materials during their fall with making use of gravity.


Component drawing



Vertical Shredder obtains uniform fraction sizes through multiple stages of grinder operation. Since adjustable choke rings further function for size reduction and adjustment, suitable shredding for component separation can be achieved.



Streak air blowing out of Vertical Shredder’s discharge opening prevents flammable gas from being retained inside the shredding chamber. Should an explosion occur inside the unit, the air quickly escapes from the building through the release duct, thus sustaining less damage to the machine.


Shredded fractions are discharged from the chute together with exhaust air, then they can be separated from the air which is sucked from above the chute. By adjusting the volume of the air, the weight of the fractions collected by cyclone can be changed.



Multiple applications

・Metal Scrap (Ex. Pre-shredded car body, Electrical and electronic appliances, aluminum, Metal turnings, UBC, etc.)

・Construction and Demolition debris

・Bulky waste


Example of shredded & sorted materials

Shredding movie

Pre-shredded car body

Printed circuit board

Incinerator bottom ash metal

Aluminum bale

Aluminum engine block


Metal turnings


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