Coarse shredding of large waste material from car bodies, furniture, electrical and electronic appliances to pressed spray cans


Pre-shredder is equipped with multiple ripper rotors that rotate at different speeds. The rotors mounted to face each other have rippers uniquely designed to smoothly stab material, which is then torn apart effectively with the ripper rotors running at different speeds. The ripper wheels on the rotors have a large diameter for shredding larger and harder materials. Moreover, the super-slow running rotors provide extra measures for safety in operation, making the Pre-shredder more capable as a primary shredder.

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  • PS2 series features double-ripper rotors whose shaft pitch is changeable. Product size and shaft speed can be adjusted based on material conditions.
    This series is also equipped with a foreign object rejection device. All these features make PS2 suitable for the shredding of mixed material wastes, such as bulky household wastes.
  • PS3 series with triple ripper rotors is designed to smoothly rip off large and tough metal scrap in a sequential 2-step shredding process. PS3 accepts entire car bodies, while PS3-7 series is designed to effectively rip and tear pressed car bodies.
  • Pre-shredder, with its low-speed / high-torque hydraulic drive system, controls rotor speed in response to load and material variations so as to achieve optimal shredding and energy saving operation. The stable and continuous operation of Pre-shredder also contributes to energy-saving operations in the subsequent processes.
  • Upon detecting an overloaded condition, Pre-shredder activates forward / reverse rotations so as to prevent the rippers from becoming overstressed.
  • The super-slow running rotors of Pre-shredder help reduce the generation of sparks in the unit, posing less risk of explosions and improving safety in operation.

PS2 installed in a bulky waste recycling facility

PS3 installed at a scrap shredding and separating facility


Multiple applications

  Double-shaft shredder (PS2)

  • Bulky waste including steel furniture, cupboard and drawers
  • Incombustibles including spray cans

  Triple-shaft shredder (PS3)

  • Metal scrap ranging from car bodies to electrical and electronic appliances


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