From low-grade waste plastics to wood and lengthy materials


MASTIFF NEO is a developed version of single shaft shredder “MASTIFF” with acquiring several new functions. Combining the features of cost reduction and higher resistance to foreign object induced damage, MASTIFF NEO can handle low grade plastics.


Component drawing

Industry’s first shredder-specific reducer

Kubota successfully developed the industry’s first gear reducer designed specially for shredders by applying its most advanced proven technologies accumulated through the development of agricultural machinery.


Torque Limiter prevents drive system-related trouble caused by foreign objects.

The newly developed reducer for shredders is equipped with a torque limiter that releases impact caused by a misfeed of foreign objects so as to protect the drive system. Quick recovery and re-start can be achieved.



Chip-type fixed cutter enabling costdown!

Because Chip-type fixed cutter can be rotated, flipped and replaced only at the edge part when it’s worn, significant reduction of the running cost is expected.

Power Drive (option)

Power Drive employs an inverter control that adds to Mastiff using an electric drive system advantageous dynamic properties of a hydraulic drive, such as smooth start-up, frequent and quick change of rotational directions and immediate stop in case of overload.


Comparison with shredder power units

Options for multiple applications

Three types of rotors equipped with rotating cutters are available.
Grooved Rotor can be used more widely for various shape of materials, and Non-grooved Rotor has advantages on dealing with such materials as Sheet and Agriculture film, with easily wound around the rotor.
In case materials are expected to be contaminated with minerals, Hardfaced rotor with wear resistance is appropriate for it.


Increased shredding efficiency with multiple 0ptions

 ・Air swept discharge (Patented)

          By air sweeping fine shreds from the discharge chute, throughput can be increased even if the screen openings are small.

 ・Secondary fixed cutter (Patented)

          Second time shredding in one rotation of rotor makes the shredding process shorter.

 ・Hydraulic opening / closing screen

          Quick recovery can be achieved in case of misfeed of foreign objects.


Multiple applications

・Plastic and Resin ( Bumper, Sheet, Film, Roll, etc.)
・Paper and Cloth ( Newspaper, Book, Roll, Tube, Rug, etc.)
・Wood ( Construction and Demolition Debris , Pallet, etc.)
・Others ( Tire, Rubber, Printed Circuit Board, etc.)


Shredding movie

Flexible container

Waste plastic


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