Highly Efficient Thermal Recycling of Waste Plastics

Waste Plastic Shredding and Separating Equipment

With the progress of initiatives for ecology awareness and recycling, the resource value of “waste plastics” has been rediscovered. Kubota Environmental Service offers plastic shredding and separating equipment that can respond to various field conditions, focusing on shredders and pneumatic transport device. In particular, industrial waste contains uniform material and is generated in large volume, so it is also possible to simplify the equipment. The manufacture of waste plastic fuel with a stable shape contributes to cost reduction of power generation or cement production.


Merits of waste plastic fuel

・Its energy conservation and alternative to fossil fuel contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

・It can ensure stable burning for a power generation boiler or cement burning.

・It has the same high calorie as heavy oil. Its calorie can be adjusted.

Characteristics of the equipment

・Kubota Environmental Service owns a wide variety of equipment and technologies as well as the know-how accumulated through abundant experiences including shredders, separators and pneumatic transport devices, so can design equipment that depends on different conditions.

・ In the case of uniform input materials such as separated materials and single materials, a single Mastiff shredder enables coarse to fine shredding and ensured size adjustment. Accordingly, the simple equipment can be expected to bring about major economic effects.

In the case of uniform input material

In the case of mixed input material

The primary shredder shreds materials that were not discharged from the screen with the second fixed cutter and rotary cutter, not equipped with the first fixed cutter for the coarse shredding specification (patent-pending).

The separating system is a combination of a magnetic separator and unique air separator. The combined system can eliminate foreign objects (heavy materials) with high precision and can efficiently collect light materials as resources, including those missed at the separating section. (Patent-pending)

The secondary shredder has double fixed cutters. The shredder finely shreds the materials with a combination of Air swept discharge (Patented) without over-shredding.