Metal Scrap

Metal scrap is converted to easily separable fractions, then undergoes multistage separating through more effective processes. That makes the final products have higher value.

Metal Scrap Shredding and Separating Equipment

The metal scrap shredding and separating equipment is a facility that collects resources from metal scrap such as end of life car bodies and pressed waste metal. The facility enables effective combination of different separators, including pre-separating treatment (pre-shredding and shredding), according to intended “raw materials.” So, it can recover higher-value materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. The prominent technologies and know-how of Kubota Environmental Service can be incorporated also into operational management and safety of the facility. This allows the equipment to have a cost advantage.


Major scrap to be processed

Car bodies, pressed waste metal, shredder residue, metal turnings


Characteristics of the equipment

・It can flexibly design shredders configuration and a combination of separators according to the type and size of intended metal waste.

・In particular, it has a system that incorporates tearing and coarse shredding by the pre-shredder, which easily separates waste and other materials, and favorably eliminates dangerous materials.

・Designed making full use of our know-how that has been accumulated through lots of experiences, the separating process can stably ensure high-precision separation. Various automatic separators are also offered, instead of manual separation.

・The improved and enhanced functions of foreign object detection, automatic control and protection have increased the safety and reliability of the whole system. Reasonable and lean work processes accomplish low-cost operation of the equipment, and also excellent maintainability.


 Shredder Residue Shredding and Separating Equipment

This equipment separates and collects “ferrous metal” and “nonferrous metal” from materials processed in the pre-shredder and main shredder. The effective and efficient dry separation process enabled the collected ferrous metal to have a purity of more than 98%. In addition, the purity of nonferrous metal is more than 85%. The equipment can ensure high-value products from the scrap.